PIne Forest Lodge

Welcome to Pine Forest Lodge in Mercer Wisconsin.


We are currently closed for the winter and will re-open in May, 2023.


You'll find a unique combination of either modern or rustic cabins with all the privacy and conveniences of home.  Here you will find a 1/2 mile of lake frontage and 40 acres of land attached to our resort for your recreation.  There are miles of trails on our property for you to explore.  You won't find that anywhere else in the beautiful Northwoods of Wisconsin.  We are only open May through October now.  (Call and leave a message for requests for information.)  So preferred mode of communication year round is via e-mail:, or if its an absolute emergency, try our cell phone at 715-776-2241.

We have 8 cabins to choose from. Our modern or rustic cabins are fully equipped with blankets, professionally-cleaned linens, pillows, a fully-stocked kitchen, dish towels and soap, stove/ovens, refrigerators, microwaves, toasters, coffee makers and bathrooms with either showers or tubs. Cedar and Birch have rock fireplaces, Maple and Ironwood have gas fireplaces. A mix of log cabins and more modern homes gives a perfect choice for every taste.  Just bring your bath towels, bath soaps, paper towel, coffee filters, games, books and magazines.  There is an excellent grocery store in our town, only 3.5 miles away which offers curb-side service if wanted.

Pot luck night is Monday at 6:30 p.m. and is not mandatory.  It's a great way to meet who is here for your week.  Just bring whatever you were planning for dinner to the lodge and we all share.  We provide lemonade, plates/plastic ware and napkins.

We are much like a family camp, guiding many outings (if requested), providing lessons and offering educational information (when wanted). Enjoy the horse shoe pit, the campfire pit, basketball court, croquet and hammocks. The lodge has a bar, piano, foosball table, library, games and a full-liquor license for our guests' pleasure.  For everyone's pleasure, we also do not allow fireworks, guns, loud music, etc.  Please, no dogs that bark a lot.

Accessibility:  Please click on the About Us tab above.  We really try with our cabins, grounds and activities.

(No campers or RV's are allowed to stay overnight on the resort property.)

Rentals:  Summer rentals are generally full weeks, Saturday to Saturday.  Spring & Fall specials are for 5+ day rentals.

Reservations/deposits/cancellations:  Its best to call for reservations at 715-476-2241. It can also be done by email ( Our cell service here and often during the off season is not dependable.  So leaving a message on our home phone is usually best. We’ll get back to you as soon as possible. Receiving a text regarding a reservation is most difficult and least likely to get a reply. Weird - we know, but in a way that’s a good thing about the northwoods.  If there's an absolute emergency, you can call John's cell at 715-776-2241 or Cheri's cell at 715-776-0700.

With new reservations we ask for a deposit within 10 days. Returning customers have until the end of the year to send deposits. We still only take checks and cash for payments.

Cancellations: Deposits are not returned until/if and when we are able to get the cabin rented out again. If we do not get enough time to re-rent the cabin, customers are expected to make good on our losses (pay the balance due). We have a short busy season and cannot afford to leave cabins open. If you cancel and do not pay the balance due and we lose out on a rental because of it, then if you wish to come back, you will have to pay the entire bill in full upon our acceptance of your reservation. If you cancel and we are able to rent the cabin out at full price, we will refund your entire deposit.

Cleaning Fees?:  We do not charge extra cleaning fees for rentals of 4+ days.  With the minimum 3 day rental we add a $50 cleaning fee.  We reserve the right to charge extra fees if the cabin is a huge mess or if there has been damage.


Virus Cleaning:  All cabins have been and will continue to be cleaned by our experienced and excellent cleaning crew. So please be assured that we will do everything we can to keep viruses from spreading. Even though no one, and no company can guarantee that they will be completely virus-free, we assure you your cabin will be clean.  If you want to clean it again yourself before you enter, cleaning supplies are in our supply area.

Supply Area: The supply area is in our exposed basement entry through glass patio doors.  There we have everything you will need for cleaning, cooking, baking, grilling utensils, toilet paper - please use our special toilet paper, and many more supplies.

Please bring your own tall kitchen garbage bags, coffee filters, paper towels, and the usual: food, drink, bathroom towels/soaps.  We will provide you with one garbage bag and coffee filters are in the basement supply area if you forgot.

We will make your bed with fresh sheets and fresh blankets.  If you need the quilt(s), they are in the closets and should remain in there unless you need them.  This saves on laundry.

Thank you for understanding.